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PSHE Curriculum 

  • Aims

To support pupils in becoming discerning and mindful individuals, willing to participate as positive citizens. Pupils will learn how and when to solve their own problems and when to seek help. They will develop their resilience and ability to care for themselves and others, pursuing their self-knowledge for self-efficacy. Pupils will develop the tools to become emotionally literate individuals engaged with the world around them.

  • Pupils will be empowered to understand themselves and their minds in order to combat stress, pressure and influence that may cause them harm. They will understand the importance of mental health as a prerequisite for successful learning, for heath, happiness and positive life choices.

  • Lessons are developmental and progressive: they build and enhance pupil skills via a spiral curriculum. As such, concepts, ideas, knowledge and skills are revisited in each year group.

Our PSHE curriculum  provides our pupils the best learning opportunities due to its sequencing and progression. 

  • Pupils need repeated opportunities to consolidate and build upon their existing knowledge and understanding. They are given opportunities to access creative learning activities that allow them to choose the media with which they work and give them scope to work to their full potential. Inclusivity and respect for self and others is integral to Jigsaw.

  • Pupils are taught about respect for differences in individuals, family structures and broader groups of people, within Britain and across the world.  Democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of others are elements within lessons. 

  • Throughout the programme of study, a range of teaching and learning methods is used in order for everyone to get the best out of the lesson. Distancing techniques depersonalise situations and can support students to feel safe in exploring ideas and topics. Being in a role, empathising with others or speaking in response to the actions of others (real or imaginary) allows students to explore feelings around issues in a safe way. It also supports pupils to learn and subsequently reflect on how something applies to their own lives. This is particularly helpful for students who may struggle with written work.

  • All staff have received training in the delivery of the scheme of work, understand its sequencing and the opportunities it provides to consolidate and progress learning. 

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