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Learn - Grow - Thrive

At Eko Pathways we believe that every pupil deserves the opportunity to start afresh and obtain an excellent education. We are committed to working with pupils with social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH) and as a staff we aim to ensure that every child reaches his or her full potential.

We will:

  • Ensure lessons are enjoyable and accessible to all pupils whilst showing passion and enthusiasm for the subjects we teach
  • Create a safe and supportive environment where all pupils are listened to and valued
  • Be role models in our words and in our actions
  • Inspire pupils to reach for their highest goals
  • Be consistent and treat everyone fairly

We offer a broad curriculum and enrichment activities. At the heart of the curriculum is the Resilience Framework and Thrive. These aspects allow the children to develop their emotional understanding of themselves and how to self-regulate with greater confidence. Other activities that support the development of the whole child include weekly sessions at Lambourne End, Forest School, cooking skills and Thrive 1:1 sessions.

We carefully assess the child’s needs on entry to Eko Pathways to see how their time will be managed. Some children will start off with five days per week, whereas other children may start with four days per week. We work flexibly with the child’s mainstream school, creating joint targets to meet at both schools, in order to build up the child’s knowledge and skills, to eventually return to their mainstream peers. This decision is jointly agree between Eko Pathways, the mainstream school and the parents of the child.

In the secondary school, the focus for the students is on their future pathways. We want the children to really think about their next steps after Eko Pathways and understand how their learning and behaviour now can impact on their future. There are aspirations for students to go into direct employment, apprenticeships, college, and university, for those who want to go further with their studies. The curriculum centres around a range of subjects including English, Maths, Science, Religion, Art, PE, Media and Food Technology. In addition to the core curriculum that we offer, there are life skill opportunities as well as preparing the children for the world of work. This includes at least two work experience places before finishing school.

We are very excited about the potential that each child has and the team are motivated by how much progress the children and young people make over time.

Our Values and Ethos

Core Aims:

In realising these core aims we provide:

  • A structured school environment where pupils are encouraged to manage their own learning and behaviours successfully
  • A place where pupils feel safe and secure
  • A non judgemental forum where parents/carers can reflect on and develop their own parenting skills with quality guidance and support
  • A school that inspires pupils to attend and re-engage in their learning with enthusiasm and drive
  • A place of learning where pupils can belong and have a true sense of community
  • A wide range of interventions that help support and guide pupils through their own journeys of personal development
  • An understanding and recognition of local, national and international issues
  • An holistic approach in understanding the lives of all our pupils

Our Purpose

  • To work in partnership with mainstream school’s parents and/ or carers and outside agencies.
  • To support pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in maintaining and benefiting from their mainstream placement.
  • To return pupils to their mainstream school on a full time basis.
  • To provide a flexible service to enable pupils to take advantage of the opportunities which are available in their mainstream school and local community.
  • To enable pupils to overcome difficulties which have become barriers to learning by offering appropriate support.
  • To assess the educational needs of each pupil, to plan and implement a supportive framework enabling the pupil to achieve and develop at their mainstream school.
  • To work with the Borough’s Primary and Secondary schools in helping pupils manage their social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in order to make progress and reach their potential.

Our School Code


We believe that all members of Eko Pathways have a series of rights, which we define as:

  • A RIGHT to safety
  • A RIGHT to respect
  • A RIGHT to learn and teach
  • A RIGHT to move freely subject to rules
  • A RIGHT to have property kept safely
  • A RIGHT to be treated fairly It is the responsibility of each valued member of our school to maintain these rights.
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